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€400m+ managed since inception.

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Orkos Capital is a private equity management company created in 2006. The members of the Orkos Capital team started working together in the early 1990’s and have been acting as an independent team since 1999.

Our approach is to offer long-term support to management teams with a deliberate innovation-based value creation strategy in the sectors of information and communications technologies.

Since 1990, we have invested around 400 M€ through the funds ETMF I, ETMF II and Orkos III. These funds’ portfolio comprises more than 50 companies of 10 nationalities with subsidiaries active in more than 30 countries, mainly in the European Union. We believe that this experience brings us a genuine expertise which is recognized by the market.

In 2014, we have launched Robolution Capital the first private equity fund exclusively dedicated to service robotics in the world. Robolution Capital's mission is to invest in innovative companies of the fast growing service robotics market, mainly within Europe. Robolution Capital aims to invest in professional and personal service robotics companies (including integrated products, hardware, software, components, services, smart products, etc.) from seed to expansion capital run by outstanding entrepreneurs (more info: ).

Our team combines recognized successful entrepreneurs as well as seasoned private equity investors.
Bruno Bonnell
Dominique Rencurel
Jean-Jacques Bertrand
Alexandre Mordacq
Bruno Bonnell, Partner

After having founded Infogrames and Infonie during the 80’s and 90’s, Bruno took the virage of service robotics in the years 2000 with Robolpolis, the current leading service robotics distributor in Europe. Bruno serves as Board Member of numerous companies. He decided to launch Robolution Capital alongside Orkos Capital to sustain service robotics development in Europe.

Bruno graduated from CPE Lyon.

Christian Borie, Partner

After initial experiences in Portugal in cross border M&A operations in the ICT sector, Christian joined the ICT department of Banexi in Paris and then the management team of the ETMF II LP fund (ICT). He then co-founded Orkos Capital, the management company of Orkos III FCPR and Robolution Capital I.

Christian graduated from ESCP.

Dominique Rencurel, Partner

After having acted in numerous positions at BNP Paribas (sales branch manager, general inscpection, M&A and investments), Dominique created ETMF II LP fund (ICT). He then co-founded Orkos Capital, the management company of Orkos III FCPR and Robolution Capital I.

Dominique holds a diploma from the Université de Paris Dauphine (Masters of econometrics and monetary economy).

Jean-Jacques Bertrand, Partner

After having held various operational positions in the both public (France Telecom, Prime Minister office and Ministry of culture of communication) and private sector, Jean-Jacques became director of the ICT department of Banexi, with both M&A and investments activities. He created ETMF II LP fund (ICT). He then co-founded Orkos Capital, the management company of Orkos III FCPR and Robolution Capital I.

Jean-Jacques Bertrand holds diplomas from the Ecole Polytechnique (Paris), the Ecole Superieure des Telecommunications (Paris) and the Institut d’Etudes Politiques (Paris).

Pierre-Eric Leibovici, Partner

After initial experiences in investment banking at Merril Lynch and Banexi, Pierre-Eric joined the management team of the ETMF II LP fund (ICT). He then co-founded Orkos Capital, the private equity management company of Orkos III FCPR and Robolution Capital I.

Pierre-Eric holds an MBA in entrepreneurship from Babson College (Boston) and a MS in financial engineering from Panthéon Sorbonne.

Pierre-Yves Meerschman, Partner

After initial experiences in audit at Ernst & Young and investment banking at Société Générale, Pierre-Yves joined the team managing the ETMF II LP fund (ICT). He then co-founded Orkos Capital, the management company of Orkos III FCPR and Robolution Capital I.

Pierre-Yves graduated from HEC Paris.

Renaud Champion, Partner

After initial experience in capital markets at BNP Paribas, Renaud has then focused his research on valuing technologies and sourcing companies operating in Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Systems in collaboration with Bruno Bonnell. He then joined Orkos Capital as a partner and launched Robolution Capital I. He is also Secretary-General of Syrobo, the French Federation of Service Robotics, and Director of euRobotics aisbl, the European Association of Robotics.

Renaud holds a MS degree in electrical engineering with emphasis on mathematics and signal processing (Supelec and University of Michigan).

Alexandre Mordacq, Associate

Prior to joining Orkos Capital, Alexandre worked as a financial modeling consultant with Finance 3.1, where he designed business plans and valuation models for several blue chip companies and private equity firms. Before that, he did an internship as a junior CFO with Moleac, a Singapore-based biopharmaceutical company.

Alexandre graduated from HEC Paris business school, with a major in the Management and New Technologies master, jointly organized with Telecom ParisTech.

We have helped entrepreneurs build over 50 technology companies with subsidiaries active in more than 30 countries. Here is a selection of some of them.

Aplio was an Internet applicance maker.

FirstMark Communications was a broadband communications network.

Infogrammes was a French leader in video games creation.

Infonie was an Internet service provider.

Legende Films was a movies production and trading company.

Omnicom le 5 was an indirect access telephony provider.

Zandan was a software and service provider for wireless operators.


Robolution Capital releases its Research Paper #1

Paris - July 2014
When talking about drones, or UAVs (unmanned aircrafts vehicles), one often thinks about military drones. But drastic cost reductions of components have recently allowed civilian drones to gain a lot of traction. And beyond some marketing operations, like Amazon’s announcement of allegedly soon-to-happen drone delivery, the UAV market is currently booming. The application fields are numerous, from video/photo to agriculture, inspection, search and rescue or security. This study written by Robolution Capital gives an overview of what is currently happening in the drone market.

Linkfluence acquires TrendyBuzz
Orkos Capital announces the launch of Robolution Capital
Linkfluence raises €3.5M to become the European leader
MyFox closes a new €3.2m financing round
Plyce acquires the couponing specialist Bon-privé.com
Plyce raises €1.5m and merges with CheckAndTake
MenInvest raises €5.6m to become a European men's fashion leader
Sensee closes a huge financing round of €17.5m
Luceor announces that it has secured $3.7m in a second round
Limonetik raises €5.1m to accelerate its development
Linkfluence raises €2m in a round led by Orkos Capital
SNCF Voyages acquires
AudiSoft welcomes Orkos Capital and Oddo AM to its capital
MXP4 closes $4m investment to accelerate its strategy
Muzicall raises €9m in latest round of funding
Goojet raises €6m to support international launch


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